Bespoke Kitchens

Real joinery

kitchen We make handmade kitchens with the same attention to detail and quality as our one off pieces.

All doors and drawers are constructed in the traditional manner from solid wood.

It is our belief that the interior of the cabinets is as important as the outside. You can expect solid wood interiors and tongue & grooved backboarding - all varnished to help protect the timber from the wear and tear of daily use.



In the past we have made kitchens to a wide variety of designs and timbers, from the country look of pine to the impressive look of Oak or Maple.

We consider working in almost any style; arts & crafts, traditional country, victorian, georgian or contemporary. When approaching the design of a kitchen (or one off pieces) we have worked in a variety of ways. Sometimes the customer has a very definite idea in mind, perhaps they have seen a photograph in a book or magazine or have an existing piece of furniture that would make a good basis for the cabinet design. Sometimes a customer has no clear idea and is looking for suggestions from us.

Whatever the background we will produce a workable design that will look and last beautifully.


Fitted or free standing?

Free standing simply means that the furniture can be taken with you should you move home. It is not always possible to make kitchens in this manner, however there are usually some elements of a kitchen that can be done this way.

Whichever you choose, free standing or fitted, we are flexible enough to produce both. A note on fitted: Many 'factory' made kitchens are based upon units of fixed width (600mm wide base units and so on) which has it's advantages in terms of quick production but often does not fit well into many homes, necessitating the need for spacers to fill the gaps.

This is not an issue with any of our furniture, as it is handmade from scratch there are no constraints upon dimensions.


Starting work

We will give a free no obligation estimate based upon the room size, materials, design and finish.

Should this be satisfactory we can produce drawings and once the design, finish and materials are finalized we will give a firm quotation.

Once accepted we do not alter the agreed price unless additional work is required by the customer.


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